20 Jun

thankful thursday

  • the return of the chapel bell that rules my life
  • a new chapel bell, i think, since it has a different quality to it
  • a new chapel bell song! the maryland state song, instead of the alma mater
  • new friends
  • quickly spreading inside jokes—have you met patti?
  • sidereel.com to watch venture brothers and how i met your mother
  • movies; downloaded, borrowed, and redbox promo codes
  • a busy/fun weekend that worked out gorgeously
  • ipods with good music so that i discover new bands
  • concerts with fun friends after getting lost in VA
  • great cheap grills, magical charcoal starter bags
  • makeshift tarp awnings
  • hilarious drunk people that make me laugh
  • caffeine and excitement; kept me awake after a night of not sleeping
  • productive drama mtgs/sleepovers
  • learning to cook new foods
  • flexible work schedules to take off at last minute
  • cars
  • my new splurge purchase, a gorgeous food processor!
  • the excitement of potentially making pies with my new toy
  • long slumbers after two nights of little sleep
  • cooler, less muggy weather
  • sweatshirts and blankets to combat the chilliness
  • new friends doing the summer in CP thing
  • “weekend” phone calls from raq
  • new experiences
  • recent plans to have a crab feast and a fish fry
  • my friends, the real ones who outweigh all the other stupidity
  • the days i actually wake up for my morning run
  • the boys who make me laugh and understand me

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