3 Jul

thankful thursday

  • lunch breaks on the engineering field dugout benches
  • going to a sports event; my first O’s game since i was in elm school
  • spectacular company at the O’s game
  • potential concerts and concert buddies; jon mclaughlin, priscilla ahn, redshift
  • gorgeous weather; sudden downpours, cool air, clear mornings
  • people who know how to cook and make me food
  • people with connections
  • my endless supply of people to hang out with
  • my endless supply of stuff to do
  • better posture b/c of running
  • database magic; using a database to its full potential
  • forward thinking
  • positive, helpful people
  • televisions and internet
  • the dback b/c i’d never know cp ‘news’ otherwise
  • new toys; and people that help me acquire them
  • old memories; aka cleaning out my room at home to move in my apt stuff

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