11 Jul

thankful thursday

  • living close enough to home to grab a car when i need it
  • friends that take care of and look out for me
  • standards; good food, good beer, and good drinks are not good when below

  • chances to sleep in
  • visiting new places, meeting new people
  • good phone calls and conversations
  • text messaging even if i technically shouldn’t use it since i don’t have a plan
    with it

  • wake up messages/calls, a good way to start my day
  • being the girl that mingles and gets along with everyone
  • silly “accomplishments” like not hitting people
  • pside parking permits
  • my fam who i occasionally go home to see yet loves me all the same
  • moving home, a familiar place with a car and food
  • productive work days
  • enough projects to work on at work
  • design retreat/day at the bay
  • going on a boat for the first time
  • having the sort of coworkers you can wear a bikini in front of and drink
  • being close to the eastern shore
  • caffeine when i’m crazy tired
  • naps when my body is stressed out
  • seeing b.face happy and alive when we brought her rita’s
  • good times with good friends
  • my new desk at work with a glorious window!
  • bluelines, b/c that means a project is almost done
  • fridays, weekends, time to catch up on sleep and running

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