17 Jul

thankful thursday

  • finally learning, after 2.5yrs, how to work the paper towel dispenser in the
    bathroom at work

  • dinner buddies
  • friends who live in the same building and its like cpk2north all over again
  • restaurant weeks
  • living near a major US city
  • sleep+meds that are sustaining me
  • health insurance
  • faux healthy meals, or at least learning how to incorporate new veggies into

  • foodie friends
  • the recent return of italian ice to my life
  • concerts!
  • people who watch out me for when i do stupid things
  • people who look out for friends in general
  • the first everything performance going well
  • people who know directions/roads
  • good music
  • having a sense of direction
  • kitchen fans
  • vegetables, healthy lifestyles, exercise
  • people who know how to cook
  • people who share fav cookbooks!
  • finally getting mcagfair to help me
  • getting a lot done at work this week now that people are on vaca/work from home
  • feeling important at work

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