24 Jul

thankful thursday

  • light switches that work
  • packages in the mail
  • going home to bmore
  • my best friends
  • my americorps app going through
  • good editors
  • sparse comma usage
  • art that makes me stop and wonder
  • music that calms+livens my heart
  • tons to do at work lately
  • my first magazine spread at work!
  • health insurance
  • thanks and encouragement; especially after some of the longest days of my life
  • mira; seriously the best coworker, assistant director ever
  • sometimes doing art in my free time
  • raquel; she’s alive, healthy, and ready to listen to my endless rambling
  • sleep; i’m so tired lately. moreso than when i had mono
  • meds; dxm, guaifenesin, ibuprofen
  • nice doctors who understand the problems of health insurance
  • seeing my boys and laughing about silliness like breaking chairs
  • just happening to catch project runway at b.face’s
  • friends that listen after i have crappy days (several in a row) and don’t mind
  • dinner groups, dinner plans, good food
  • trying new foods, learning to cook new things
  • best friends

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