8 Aug

thankful thursday

  • little Alex for improving so much from last year
  • Joshie+Matthew who make me laugh with their emotions
  • spectacular first performance of “everything”
  • well coordinated scenes
  • YA guys who came out to help
  • T.Kang’s hug at just the right moment
  • BFF Rachel’s quirks in dramas
  • fair friends: Rashad, Cedric, Syed, Hanouria
  • everyone who helped fix the sound system
  • individually packaged sandwiches
  • FP food provider who sat on her driveway waiting for Judy to pick up the food
  • free bag of ice b/c the lady didn’t want to break the bundle
  • free entrance to fair w/ one hand stamp for food
  • Christopher subbing into dramas, manning sounds, & not complaining waiting on dinner
  • the leftover chips from lunch when Auntie Susan forgot hers at home
  • Val adapting to the fair so well and taking pointers

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