14 Aug

thankful thursday

  • cheap lights
  • accommodating parents
  • people who helped clean up the flood
  • REM for seat cushions
  • plenty of sleep
  • daily talks with rashad
  • dehumidifiers
  • cookie dough coke floats that wake me up
  • people who volunteered to cook more than once
  • gatorade being at the door of costco so i didn’t have to waste time
  • Christoher and his 2am devos, when i don’t pull through
  • the magic of PB&J, such simple food that somehow pleases/excites everyone
  • the fact that my kids are so adaptable to whatever food is provided
  • Danny who stopped by to check on us and offered help
  • honest devos
  • Mark’s fball practice times changed so he can be at the fair more
  • people who share yummy fair food
  • compassion + patience
  • blue, blue skies
  • Elliot’s dad’s stew saving dinner
  • getting tickets back from parents
  • Heart of Maryland Chorus who remembered us from Friday and loves us
  • CBC TG and our history of great youth helpers
  • motivated, active kids in TG
  • a community/family in CBC that other churches don’t have or are still building
  • good convos with friends like old times at pside
  • friends like Ted+Karen who are proud of the team
  • antibacterial/disinfectant for rides when people puke
  • parents that bring vegetables + well-rounded meals
  • new music + good mixtapes
  • washers+dryers
  • the magic of toothbrush scrubbing to clean with
  • fruit sellers + free plums
  • Chilly Mall’s air condition
  • long talks with friends
  • new starts
  • encouraging people
  • joy, laughter
  • Asaph+Will who are amazed with the team and their committment
  • the return of fball, both NFL and flag
  • BFF for speeding things along, esp since i was getting annoyed
  • brownies, cookies, munchies
  • having extra food at meals
  • entire vegetarian friendly dishes

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