28 Aug

thankful thursday

  • antibiotics
  • doctors that squeeze in appts b/c i was late
  • summer b/c the health center only takes visitors in summer
  • health insurance
  • contact lens, being able to wear them, being able to wear sunglasses with them
  • bay bridge toll passes, EZ passes
  • nice drives
  • new friends
  • real convos
  • chord progressions
  • guitars + gorgeous voices
  • Frezzo, who taught me to recognize intervals and recognize/sing an A pitch
  • pitch pipes
  • D.Smith, camerata, those good times i had in it
  • D.Smith’s health and spirits being generally good
  • chemo, bone marrow transplants, life saving scientific treatments
  • gorgeous fall-like weather
  • BFFs, RBs, other halfes (not halves)
  • espn.com
  • open key songs
  • homemade sangria
  • gas grills
  • spontaneous beach trips
  • long overdue roomie reunions
  • umbrellas
  • random people at the beach who approach us and make for good stories
  • a wicked sweet pay raise that comes with being put on contract soon
  • pwb’s car only needing gas when it died on 495
  • parents who don’t ask for reimbursement for cooking
  • generally being done with painting my room
  • catching up on tv shows
  • naps
  • pretty dresses, cute sweaters/cardigans, well-put together outfits
  • magical paint scrapers, b/c my mirror is now free of glue/paint decals that were stuck on there for 15years

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