4 Sep

thankful thursday

  • surprise phone calls from other halfes
  • song emails from RB!
  • the fact that FF+PP = Very Odd (and people constantly tell us this) but we have Great Memories of endless laughter
  • lists of why you absolutely love someone ๐Ÿ™‚ i love knowing that someone means the world to someone else and isn’t afraid to let people know
  • HOV lanes + carpooling, as complicated as it seems sometimes, its useful and environmentally friendly.
  • the promise of concerts that will actually be attended and tickets actually used
  • friends i can just sit back and hang out with
  • SO many different groups of friends that are always willing to let me chill for a bit to catch up
  • seriously, the best friends EVER.
  • big words, and bugging BFF about them so she can study for SATs
  • having so many friends that i have nicknames for. shows how close and how silly i get with people
  • contacts, wearing glasses for a week and a half is torturous!
  • easy access to drinks this summer; as its harder now that people don’t live in the same building or work at or live down the street from bars
  • no more meds (and theoretically no more lingering illnesses) and no more metallic tastes in my mouth
  • freshly painted walls, they look SO clean
  • cp in the summer, empty but so so friendly at the same time
  • still working at school so i can see all my friends
  • my madre’s car that i’m borrowing everyday so that i can do whatever i want, esp since i can now visit my bmore loves
  • mix cds (esp val’s fair carpool mix), the radio doesn’t cut it in the morn and i get annoyed at pop occasionally
  • mixtape – butch walker
  • good music, gorgeous voices
  • miraculously doing the fair budget correctly this year so that i don’t have to throw in my life’s savings for once
  • the fact that the fair budget worked out and we had enough money to cover everything ๐Ÿ™‚
  • the end of fair business. i’m always glad to wrap up loose ends.
  • vitamin A, b/c my night vision, ESP with glasses (daniel can attest to this, seeing as he almost died) is crummy to the max.
  • rita’s dates
  • not having to drive everyday
  • a good nights sleep when i can sleep in
  • nights with my bests like the old days.

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