11 Sep

thankful thursday

  • mars plastic erasers, they work REALLY well. and for some reason i forgot i had it for about a month and have been using a really old, crappy pencil eraser,
  • bottles of water, g got me hooked on drowning, so during my car rides to/from work i drink a whole bottle,
  • relay for life, b/c of it i have tons of water sitting in my basement.,
  • cheese cubes + pretzels, this is my ultimate go-to snack b/c its salty, healthy and yummy,
  • cable/downloadable tv shows like mad men or project runway.,
  • good grammar. consistent edits. veteran editors to smooth over big probs with projects,
  • all my little freshmen friends who throw free food my way,
  • sobriety checks, i don’t want to die,
  • dback for announcing sobriety checks,
  • stealing a telephone line from a coworker who now works from home so that i can now check my voicemail! (or.. when i get the guts to record a voicemail message…),
  • understanding printers, editors, coworkers. when i am scrambling to do projects and things aren’t working right. ,
  • don pablos happy hour margaritas. $3 well-sized margaritas. enough said.,
  • concert buddies. slash going to a concert with becky, NOT wasting tickets for lame reasons.,
  • carpool days, i feel like i actually still have friends b/c i get to interact with someone on a regular basis.,
  • getting my darling SG back and co-leading senior class with christopher.,
  • good times with christopher. we go way back,
  • mac mail (the program) so i don’t have to use mail@umd which is a pain
  • fball
  • other halfes. rb. ff. raq. crazy times with crazy people.
  • being able to come home and pass out.
  • 100% fruit juice.

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