25 Sep

thankful thursday

  • free days at work to do side stuff
  • good running workout at practice
  • skinny jeans b/c i realized that if i had them, i could wear ANY shoe and look fashionable
  • pwb, b/c without him, i’d be a mean ogre and in the worst mood ever
  • FF for crosswords, food excitement, and spontaneous drinks.. like smoothies
  • good cultural food in the area (food factory: afghan/middle eastern)
  • credit card
  • card
  • all the means that allow me to have a shopping addiction
  • my new parking permit
  • mira’s return and thus her taking back her projects (read: one left)
  • healthy thumbs, i never knew how much i need my thumbs
  • sweaters, warmth, comforters, hot cocoa
  • raq, who lets me be stupid and laughs along with me
  • a break from people and still seeing the favs
  • rb’s hairstyle website which is GREAT b/c its a ton of asian people
  • bars like cstone with a relaxed atmosphere and talk to and drink with friends.
  • cooking dinners again 🙂

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