9 Oct

thankful thursday

  • warm weather
  • more fball practices = more exercise
  • pwb who takes time out to help me get better at fball
  • seeing old friends
  • impromptu middle school reunions
  • rockville town center, obv the jwms alum hangout
  • walks outside across campus, public transportation, things that let you enjoy life
  • fall colors, both nature and fashion
  • fall fashion
  • having the means to enlarge my fall wardrobe
  • successfully maneuvering around dc by car
  • carpool reunion, hanging out with val pal
  • people who hang out at a moment’s notice
  • the hilarity of SNL after watching the debate
  • home cooked food
  • all the people who cover my butt and pay for food randomly
  • after my weekend of failed dates, a barrage of fun thrown my way
  • my hilarious SG girls and their ideas for hallowtwist
  • sleep
  • good (formerly good magazine. who’s website was goodmagazine.com and now is good.is)
  • people who care about social causes.
  • coworkers who run to my rescue when i’m fed up with projects
  • little caroline who was a bundle of fun

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