16 Oct

thankful thursday

  • caving in to pay for gym membership
  • running again
  • going back to fitness classes
  • reclaiming my exercise buddy 🙂 (seriously i’ve missed that girl SO much)
  • silly story dinners with raq
  • tedious, yet easy week at work
  • awesome convos with coworkers
  • bye week for terps AND steelers, so i had more free time than usual last weekend
  • spontaneous shopping trips to h&m
  • redone oreo milkshakes b/c the first ones tasted like banana
  • hanging out with mark!
  • random hangouts with pwb
  • running into triston on his spontaneous trip home
  • finally half going out with raquel, although she ended up somewhere else
  • don pablos, oh your margaritas are awesome (and that ‘tender thats ALWAYS there)
  • good/exciting fball games to watch last weekend. last minute wins.
  • my first real burgers+bad
  • hanging out with alex before his life gets taken over by work+house repairs
  • new tires + wipers = big diff.
  • always being pushed in fball to play harder and better.
  • shopstyle.com and online window shopping w/ rb 🙂
  • taking a break from life to be girly

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