22 Oct

thankful thursday

  • WA9, RB, halfs, FF, raq, cousins, cpk2north, pside/cstone love
  • fresh starts
  • sweaters on chilly days
  • hot apple cider, like starbucks has
  • visiting walker apts for the first time, 4years late
  • MCPS holidays
  • consignment stores
  • people who share secrets
  • grace, mercy, forgiveness
  • fruit crisp/cobblers w/ ice cream on top
  • my coworkers, who always help me out
  • chats/meals with friends
  • credit cards, pay day
  • people who cover my tab lately
  • people covering for me in general
  • men
  • fball practice, getting out my frustration, running, sprints
  • soup on chilly days
  • my amazing editor who does super quick turnarounds and always with a good attitude
  • chemo, second chances at life
  • design days, fun freelance work
  • michael not rejecting my clean version of his design
  • middle school friends
  • the satisfaction of homemade food
  • new homes
  • life working out for my friends

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