24 Oct

thankful thursday

  • gorgeous voices, music you can sing to, everything frezzo, ms. jackson, & dave taught me
  • the best friends who support and love me to the end
  • doctors who squeeze me in the day i call for an appt
  • a fractured, versus a broken thumb. we all know how much worse it could have been had i not seen the dr.
  • being allowed to still play sports, not need a cast, only wear a splint when exercising.
  • my fball team whom i realized is another family to me
  • coach worried for me, prayed, recommended an orthopedist, offered to help look at my portfolio
  • my boss/job for being flexible while i ran around for doctors this week
  • my fam who didn’t freak out when i said “broken thumb,” but who supports me through everything
  • my daddy, who, back when i managed lax+fh, came out to games even if all i did was sit and record tallies in books
  • turkey bowl, the fact that i’m a better fball player now. my dad might even come out to see me play. which i feel sad that he’s never one of his kids play sports on a team
  • being able to talk about fball with daddy.
  • going out with my bests to do things outside my comfort zone aka dancing.
  • my running bet with greyson, helps keep me motivated and in shape
  • running again, its that glorious free feeling. that extra half mile that pushes me
  • indoor tracks, gym membership
  • easy work weeks to catch up on side projects
  • the campaign celebration went well, good networking/food/drinks
  • credit cards to cover all my medical expenses
  • sweatshirts, sweatpants, cozy clothes to lounge in
  • the brisk, fall air
  • bmore, bffs, bests, families. the people that are home to me.

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