30 Oct

thankful thursday

  • naps, getting enough sleep
  • indoor tracks, upping my distance
  • time to do my own design projects
  • resurrecting my umbc website for my port
  • the amount of fun i have creating an identity for my port
  • new albums put out by some of my fav music artists
  • jon mclaughlin coming back to town (concert redemption #2?)
  • catching the last double stamp tuesday of the year
  • autumn/cider party at work
  • ignorant bliss days when i don’t listen to the radio while driving
  • good mix cds
  • recognizing people at the gym b/c we all run at the same time everyday
  • being excited about doing my port for once
  • hanging out with my favs, i miss them when i don’t
  • last week’s campaign celebration going well
  • derick being willing to do my photoshoot
  • finally going to a terp fball game this year 🙂
  • the amount of fun i had tailgating and watching the game in the rain
  • long fball practices that make me work hard
  • my thumb that seems to be healing up quite well
  • dinner parties, excited about cooking with FF for it
  • all my favs that i have the silliest times with b/c those are the memories i make

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