7 Nov

thankful thursday

  • time available and taken to learn css and design and start my website
  • coworkers who support me and listen to me bitch about my crappy clients with unreasonable demands
  • lunch breaks, food, homemade dinners. i’m not eating well lately
  • free lunches from paper reps
  • new paper swatch books
  • useful paper samples educating about everything wine-related
  • art directing a photoshoot this coming sunday
  • feeling like a part of a company the way leslie has been publicizing UU
  • my job, my office, the best place i could ever work for
  • freelance jobs thanks to leslie
  • voting in my first pres. election
  • a relatively quick, painless voting exerience
  • catching up with friends
  • sunshine, daytime
  • only needing to run 2laps, but being physically able to do 9 at practice
  • a good steelers win this week even if the terps let me down
  • my quickly healing thumb.

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