14 Nov

thankful thursday

  • naps that get me through late nights
  • cookie dough coke floats for psuedo-caffeination
  • food snob coworkers b/c i learn about awesome food
  • coworkers that share the craziness of frustrating projects/clients and help me feel less crazy
  • being able to stay late at work, skipping dinner with fam and running bet progress, and working on side projects
  • holiday video card shoot done
  • most of the holiday card done… with which i helped very significantly
  • crazy rants with raquel
  • going to a gallery opening and getting a personal tour and gift from the artist
  • days that i bring my lunch and don’t have to pay for or eat a school food lunch
  • sweaters, wool, long sleeves
  • quaker squares + frosted mini-wheats to get me through car rides
  • my lovely thumb healing up nicely
  • a great photoshoot with derick for leslie+triston
  • learning css. making it work.
  • “fun” projects at work
  • our worker server, esp when my external HD dies
  • hair dryers/straighteners so i don’t look like a slob everyday
  • super sweet sales at stores lately
  • daddy, whom i talk fball with a lot and supports me playing
  • avoiding horrifying traffic on the drive home (which i hear about from coworkers the next day) when i stay late at work

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