22 Nov

thankful thursday

  • not getting hurt in the accident
  • only body damage done to the car
  • super fast repairs
  • el parentals that drove me to work
  • smarttrips that get me through life
  • my cell that finally worked when i needed it post-crash
  • madre that came to rescue me
  • coworkers for being understanding
  • end-of-the-week field trip to georgetown
  • roses, flowers
  • snow
  • my super warm j.crew jacket
  • my brand new wool coat! 😀
  • hats, mittens, hot water
  • many blankets to bundle in in my bed
  • carpool rides from catherine to home/metro
  • being done with the insane top secret box
  • terps being back in the fball rankings
  • steelers wins
  • a car to use so that i don’t get sick using buses/metro
  • my super awesome dad who doesn’t flip out at me
  • talking w/ rb for however long we’re able to manage in our busy scheds
  • the return of smartfood to the dairy

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