27 Nov

thankful thursday

  • talking to ladies in main admin and realizing that they’re really nice, normal people too
  • work field trips!
  • rides from coworkers and good stories along the way
  • the girls on my fball team who really make fball fun. (OH, so many BIRDS!)
  • coach who called to check up on me
  • feeling healthy enough to play without a splint
  • raq who gave up precious studying time to do dinner w/ me. at a place that isn’t her fav, while i had a beer, and she paid
  • SWEET caps game tickets
  • a new cell phone, coming soon
  • fei giving up his freetime, and on jon’s bday, to dinner with me and listen to my rants
  • finding a home for my old macbook 
  • realizing that the world is not over, my music is still on my macbook! as long as i didn’t get anything new since my new mbp
  • nick the wine man. for recognizing me, being a great connoisseur, and pushing all sorts of wine at me while knowing JUST how to describe them
  • my new bottle of apple wine! 😀 which is supposedly divine
  • finewine for being my new fav place. yum-o wine tastings and great people
  • my new wool winter coat. finally finding one that i love
  • so so so many recession/holiday sales
  • the car being done in half the estimated time
  • parentals for driving me around all last week
  • rb for knowing me so well and being just that, my RB
  • sooo many good recipes for thanksgiving foods
  • heaters, hats, mittens, things that keep me warm in the office
  • caller id, text messaging, things you take for granted having a fully functional cell phone
  • the fact that in all my car accidents, i’ve never hurt any other car than my own
  • laughs with ff, b/c it takes skill and greatness to have sports accidents involving inanimate things
  • a job in this crap economy and a boss who fights for your job extension
  • my new new balance socks b/c they’re short but not fluffy yet don’t make shoes feel too loose
  • good nights of sleep
  • people who go out of their way to help me with fball
  • going to my first NHL game
  • being warm under layers of clothing on a cold morning.
  • handwarmers! which remind me of the days of field hockey.
  • fall weather. so gorgeous
  • being able to leave early from work
  • fball gloves

2yr anniversary of thankful thursdays 🙂 (thanks to rb for getting me started on it in the first place)

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