25 Dec

thankful thursday

  • cute kiddos who make me smile and laugh
  • being graduated aka no finals stress
  • seeing old loves
  • late night adventures (makes me feel not old and stuffy)
  • early morns (everything is so fresh and new)
  • the smell of cold crisp winter air
  • humidity (my lungs and skin crave moisture in the air)
  • entire days of rest
  • nick at finewine who knows me by face and always knows how to help
  • textmessaging, genius genius idea whoever invented this
  • antihistamines, to fix my faulty eustachian tube and prevent ear infections
  • ibuprofen, acetaminophen, things that keep me alive
  • honey, or else i wouldn’t eat
  • a thousand layers of blankets, hats, socks to help sweat out fevers
  • bests that absolutely brighten my day upon hearing from them.
  • being able to enjoy being at home when i’m too sick to go out

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