thankful thursday

2 Jan
  • ibuprofen, hot honey water, blankets
  • winter break. no longer in college, but i still get the college perks. plus its extra long this year
  • good wine. somewhere along the way everyday wine and old wine just don’t appeal to me anymore
  • gorgeous wine tool sets with vacuum stopperssss. (cue heavenly music/lights here)
  • RB, finally getting a chance to see her when she’s home and give her gifts (b/c she’s way nicer than me and is consistent about gifts)
  • winter sales. since once upon a time, a friend told me that you know how well a person dresses by their winter wardrobe. and i’ve fallen in love with fall/winter clothes
  • 509 dates. b/c really when you combined FF, pwb and me, we’re bundles of silliness. bundles.
  • pwb. from being willing to keep me awake so i can drive home safely to listen to my constant “i hate peopleeee” rants. i don’t know what i’ll do when he moves for peace corps
  • FF. b/c apparently i’m pretty lost without my accent speaking buddy. and somehow we’ve both got our share of dumb stories
  • parkside. the chance i had to live in an apt off-campus. i took it for granted. i need to move out again.
  • seeing cricket before she left for ireland for 5months for study abroad. i miss her dearly. we don’t talk enough.
  • breakfast dates. so cozy.
  • decisive people. who make dates. instead of leaving everything up to me
  • sofas to crash on after long nights. and gracious hosts
  • finally having been to franklin’s which turned out not as terrible as its rumored to be amongst my coworkers
  • friends that can drink. b/c i can really appreciate people more when i know that they’re still sane after drinking amounts that would kill me. somehow.
  • drink/food snobs! so that i don’t feel so alone in the world. haha. no. b/c more people should appreciate the finer things in life.
  • having text message capabilities. life is just so much nicer to be able to communicate with people and not talk to their face. i mean. i love people.
  • non-asian people. we all know i’m not a huge fan of my own kind. but i love a group of people who really know how to include people in convos and activities.
  • bowl games. days straight of glorious football on tv. more like blowout games, but i can’t be picky
  • winter classic. b/c network tv really should air more hockey games
  • money. yes. i am materialistic. to the point that i like owning and consuming quality things. a better wardrobe, a happier stomach, a more refined palette.
  • b.chen. although he’s halfway across the world and i don’t divulge secrets anymore, i can still rant to him and be completely open.

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