thankful thursday

9 Jan
  • sunny days. sunshine makes me happy especially when i wake up to it
  • mittens+hat when i pump gas
  • easing back into work, but still having plenty to do so i don’t waste away
  • margarita dates. i love margaritas + anthony is the best.
  • becky. i don’t know how alive or healthy i’d be right now without her saving my ass.
  • entire day dates. for endless fun with my bests
  • winter break so i could rest.
  • high school friends. they don’t let me down. i.e. nye
  • new experiences with new friends. i.e. nye
  • a clean room. underrated. messy isn’t bad, but its so much nicer to live in a clean environment
  • being able to wake up and not crash while driving on such little sleep this week
  • my dad. who keeps me sane by answering my questions the first time around.
  • my ability to appreciate and know good food/drinks. and have standards.
  • the 509 futon. so many good convos were created there and i miss them.

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