thankful thursday

22 Jan
  • mustardseed, consignment stores, ebay. ways to make money
  • friday adventures. i love having plans to meet up with people.
  • heat. warmth. things that make restaurants/bars NOT frigid.
  • friends. i would seriously be so depressed if i never got to see them.
  • my steelers. football. sports bars. things that make me feel alive.
  • no absolutely terrible injuries from the game
  • being alive to watch important history occur
  • snow, cocoa, music, guitar. things that have calmed me down and refocused my thoughts.
  • my favs/bests. whom i appreciate so much more than they know. especially lately when i’m relying so heavily on them for various reasons.
  • cooking, baking, people who like my cooking. i love making food for parties. and the sense of accomplishment from cooking my own dinner.
  • restaurant week. sharing good/fancy meals and my appreciation for them with people i love.
  • design blogs. learning new things, seeing other people’s work, being inspired.
  • mail, emails, phone convos. real connections with real people. but not in the sketchy late night hooker sort of way
  • 509. because no matter what, i still gained the best of friends while there, and when you put us back together its like magic. like teepees.
  • dinner/parties with ff+pwb.
  • halfes. for patience, advice, silliness and talks on the futon.

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