thankful thursday

29 Jan
  • mixtapes. and the effort people put into making something for me.
  • snow. peaceful + school closures + how nice it is to drink cocoa and watch snow fall from my window
  • window seats. like the little ledge at pside. or my desk at work.
  • exercise. sweating. being healthy
  • FF+half to vent to and be absolutely stupid with. and watch balto
  • mustardseed taking me a day early b/c i screwed up my appt date
  • happy hour/dinner dates. although often i end up skipping dinner…
  • my daddy. who helped clear the ice and get me to the entrance to the community so i could go to work
  • umbc reunions.
  • the convenience of metro
  • FF and her directional help. again.
  • drink/food specials.
  • music. learning guitar. singing more again.

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