thankful thursday

5 Feb
  • balto. robin hood men in tights. crazy movies that i’ve seen a thousand times at 509
  • fish and loaves
  • ff+half for always making me smile and happy again
  • the little wonders that you notice when you return to a church you’ve avoided for 2months
  • #10, quite an awesome number. very handy in scoring TDs
  • my dad, who was born and raised in the burgh. i can’t say he never gave me anything good
  • texts. they’re kinda like mail. i love when people WANT to talk to me. even if its just hate mail for my steelers
  • a long week coming to an end
  • cooking. soup. yumminess. self-sufficiency.
  • guitar. being musical again
  • sunny days
  • a extended contract for work
  • being on the UR+UPubs email listserve, after 5months of waiting
  • not having to pay out of pocket for mistakes of my projects
  • really good printers who catch my dumb mistakes, and absorb some of the cost

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