thankful thursday

8 Mar

p.s. my thankful thursdays have turned into both TT and things that made me smile during the week.

  • seeing the yellow smartcar in the admissions parking lot. i make friends with funny-looking cars and friendly license plates, so if i don’t walk around campus for a while (think winter), and then i go running around campus, i like seeing my car friends
  • being odd and having hilariously odd friends. and we don’t care how odd we are.
  • seeing raquel after 3ish months. i absolutely missed that girl
  • hitting 43300miles on the car when i got to work one day. i like multiple of 100s on my car
  • alex is talking, sitting, standing and walking 🙂 i’m so proud of how much progress he’s made
  • veteran’s park. it looks so pretty sometimes. especially in the winter with all the lights on the trees. which was a long time ago…
  • mix 107.3. for good songs from middle/high school years. sometimes they soothe the soul
  • warm days, windows down/open. breathing spring air and sitting and being still to enjoy life
  • friends who remind me that i am SO irritating sometimes, whether i’m whining, obsessing over guys or completely freaking out. i need reminders.
  • dates with the girls. the times i sit down and put my life in perspective in order to tell someone else about it. sometimes it’s a good kick in the face.
  • dan bylsma. for turning around my pens. 8-1-1 is a pretty good comeback. and beating the caps was oh so sweet.
  • the most understanding people involved in my car accident. and my parents.
  • daylight savings time. sunshine. having to wear sunglasses while driving. because that means its not rainy, cloudy or gloomy
  • coworkers. who remind me that i’m occasionally TOO bitter, who keep me sane, who help me pull through terribly stressful projects.
  • my new contract at work that began this week. successfully employed for at least another 6months.
  • surviving the past week at work. including the snow day that wasn’t, the morning wake-up call, the early morns/late nights.
  • nights of sober silliness
  • rita’s cp opened on friday. one more reason that my soul is soothed.
  • all my workouts/running to drive away the stress and hurt i’ve endured lately.
  • being in-between projects at work, meaning a chance to breathe and work at a nice pace. i also have plenty on my plate and i like to stay busy at work.
  • music. self-medication with it.
  • my belgian waffle iron. i love it. and waffles. i am so glad i splurged on it.
  • my friends that have stuck by me lately and are not quick to judge. oh so patient and kind.
  • people that remind me that sometimes i’m just hiding behind fears that i need to let go of

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