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belgian waffle #1

16 Mar


I love belgian waffles. I love them so much that I splurge purchased a Waring Pro WMK300 Belgian Waffle Maker off of Craigslist. 🙂 Now I can eat all the waffles I want!

Yields: 4 waffles

4 eggs
1 Tbsp sugar
1/4 (1/2 stick) butter (I always use unsalted when cooking)
1 cup milk (whole is ideal, but I used 2%)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Beat the yolks and sugar in a bowl until lightened in color. Beat in the milk, vanilla, and melted butter. Beat in the flour, salt, and baking powder, stirring as little as is necessary to incorporate it–if you overdo it, the waffles will be tough.

Meanwhile, using a mixer, whisk the egg whites until stiff. Gently fold this into the thick batter. Take care not to beat the air out of the fluffed egg whites.

Spray the waffle iron with cooking spray like PAM (VERY important! waffles stick like crazy). Make your waffles. Your waffle iron should come with a measuring cup telling you how much to pour in and ought to have its own doneness gauges.

Comments: Crispy, yummy, filling, a little bit dense (I don’t think I over mixed the batter). Since this recipe doesn’t use yeast, it’s a good recipe when you want waffles in a pinch. I like the fact that you can make a whole batch of waffles and freeze the leftovers so that you can have homemade frozen waffles as opposed to Eggos for breakfast.

recipe from Mike’s Table

rita’s = happiness

16 Mar

Last year when things got crazy, I went to Rita’s, which advertises that it sells “ice, custard, happiness, ” and true to its tag line, I always left happy. It has been a stressful month so since seeing the opening March 6 sign on its window, I had a little countdown til opening day! Alas, opening day didn’t work out for me, but I still managed to go out opening weekend. It was a long line, but well worth the wait.

thankful thursday

15 Mar
  • spring break. the sleep and free time that ensues b/c of it
  • kernan! which is so much nicer than PGHC
  • a good week of work filled with photoshoots and the planning of them
  • the awesome comeback season the pens are having. and today’s win again the bruins
  • fitness classes and running my heart out
  • my cousin and her sweet friends.
  • arlington and how close everything is
  • getting out of work early for break
  • happy hours. oh gosh it’d been so long
  • knitting. b/c i am an old granny lady.
  • ritas. when life gets rough, i go buy happiness from them
  • having a car to drive. b/c carpooling and metroing is painful sometimes

thankful thursday

8 Mar

p.s. my thankful thursdays have turned into both TT and things that made me smile during the week.

  • seeing the yellow smartcar in the admissions parking lot. i make friends with funny-looking cars and friendly license plates, so if i don’t walk around campus for a while (think winter), and then i go running around campus, i like seeing my car friends
  • being odd and having hilariously odd friends. and we don’t care how odd we are.
  • seeing raquel after 3ish months. i absolutely missed that girl
  • hitting 43300miles on the car when i got to work one day. i like multiple of 100s on my car
  • alex is talking, sitting, standing and walking 🙂 i’m so proud of how much progress he’s made
  • veteran’s park. it looks so pretty sometimes. especially in the winter with all the lights on the trees. which was a long time ago…
  • mix 107.3. for good songs from middle/high school years. sometimes they soothe the soul
  • warm days, windows down/open. breathing spring air and sitting and being still to enjoy life
  • friends who remind me that i am SO irritating sometimes, whether i’m whining, obsessing over guys or completely freaking out. i need reminders.
  • dates with the girls. the times i sit down and put my life in perspective in order to tell someone else about it. sometimes it’s a good kick in the face.
  • dan bylsma. for turning around my pens. 8-1-1 is a pretty good comeback. and beating the caps was oh so sweet.
  • the most understanding people involved in my car accident. and my parents.
  • daylight savings time. sunshine. having to wear sunglasses while driving. because that means its not rainy, cloudy or gloomy
  • coworkers. who remind me that i’m occasionally TOO bitter, who keep me sane, who help me pull through terribly stressful projects.
  • my new contract at work that began this week. successfully employed for at least another 6months.
  • surviving the past week at work. including the snow day that wasn’t, the morning wake-up call, the early morns/late nights.
  • nights of sober silliness
  • rita’s cp opened on friday. one more reason that my soul is soothed.
  • all my workouts/running to drive away the stress and hurt i’ve endured lately.
  • being in-between projects at work, meaning a chance to breathe and work at a nice pace. i also have plenty on my plate and i like to stay busy at work.
  • music. self-medication with it.
  • my belgian waffle iron. i love it. and waffles. i am so glad i splurged on it.
  • my friends that have stuck by me lately and are not quick to judge. oh so patient and kind.
  • people that remind me that sometimes i’m just hiding behind fears that i need to let go of

thankful thursday

1 Mar
  • the hospital family
  • alex’s crazy aunts/uncles who make me laugh
  • raquel, b/c i’ve missed her
  • sleep
  • humidifiers
  • friends who go out with me when i’m in terrible shape
  • pwb. my half and savior of last night
  • gatorade
  • my new splurge toy: a belgian waffle maker