thankful thursday

6 Apr
  • why hello, 23 years of life
  • rain storms. i love them. its nice to sit, watch and smell them. from the garage
  • running. forever. and the extra half mile after my run, which is both the best and worst feeling in the world.
  • frontline last week. despite the fact that everyone either cancelled on me or didn’t have their phone, i still went and it was a strange release of emotions. and sleeping.
  • my daddy. happy birthday, daddy 🙂
  • going out for really nice dinners with my fam. showing them what good food tastes like and showing them that there’s more to life than ihop and hollywood diner
  • my girls. who after a long day, i can talk to at the gathering and be real.
  • the weird turn of events that led me to go to both mclean events.
  • seeing all my friends out for my bday. all the messages, voicemails, love. i have the best friends ever.
  • anthony. ummmm i miss him. ethan is nice, but he doesn’t know me like he should
  • seeing random friends i haven’t seen in forev come out to see me.
  • my bed. sleep. lazying around. it is so good to rest sometimes
  • finally meeting my fball team even if none of our practices or games came through. and i appreciated not having to exert energy on an early saturday morning.
  • gorgeous weather amidst the storms. i love the extremes.
  • my sg girls. even if i don’t appreciate or love them as much as i should, they still make me so proud.
  • my cbc girls in gen. i really enjoy the long talks with them lately. its nice to know i have people i can trust.

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