thankful thursday

16 Apr
  • the awesome digital clock on the track. i can now track how fast i run and how many laps i run based on how fast. aka when i lose count of how many laps i’ve run i can calculate it based on time.
  • cold water after a workout
  • lapping people on the track
  • stretching after a good run
  • pushing myself the extra half mile after my run
  • fact: when i go to the gym after work i both get a good workout and miss a lot of crazy traffic. win-win.
  • sitting outside on a gorgeous day
  • drinking a cold beer on a gorgeous afternoon
  • happy hours. not the crazy crazy like nighttime, but a great time to sit around with friends and chat.
  • seeing old loves last week
  • fact: my boss and designer coworkers are absolutely awesome. they are so innovative, conceptual and inspiring, i can’t learn enough from them. oh, and we look out for each other superbly
  • kooky, nutty, crapola. and all other purely maryland attributes
  • medical tape and splints. i think they’re pretty much my bffs.
  • going to drama practice and really enjoying it. i love/missed my kids and scurrying people along.
  • knitting. it can be very frustrating, but i love having a tangible product.
  • nice afternoon walks across campus.
  • all the exciting new ideas that UR will soon encounter
  • home-ice advantage. and playing a really sweet game yesterday.
  • carcillo’s one-game suspension. anything that helps us win another game.
  • all of the love REM pours out upon me.
  • singing. music. lily allen. crappy pop songs. the once soundtrack.
  • real talks with real friends. i love when angela pops online for a break and we have a nice chat
  • girl friends. girls nights. people to hang out with.
  • my darling cousin and the fact that she lives so close to me now. i like that i finally have family who live nearby.

2 Responses to “thankful thursday”

  1. Angela April 16, 2009 at 10:09 pm #

    I’M grateful for you posting this. I almost forgot it was Thankful Thursday!

    Aside from that – drinking a cold beer on a gorgeous afternoon – totally agree.

    And I love the once soundtrack..

  2. carmencooks April 17, 2009 at 7:08 am #

    oh my gosh – i soo miss running on a track. when we move to oklahoma, i’m trying to get a job at OU pretty much so i have free access to their gym facilities!

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