thankful thursday

25 Apr
  • weekends full of sports
  • running outside around campus
  • warm weather, so that i can enjoy being outside
  • allergy medicine. boxES of tissues. rain.
  • birthdays. esp when all the pside kiddos are all there like old times. i miss last summer.
  • getting to know my fball team doing what i do best, lazying around bars.
  • crucial naps.
  • good seats that were still avail for the pens/flyers game
  • josh, for spontaneously going to philly with me
  • my penguins! for winning round 1 ๐Ÿ™‚
  • m.chan for my pens tshirt!
  • nice philly fans who befriend us
  • making friends with random pens fans
  • cold beer on warm, sunny afternoons
  • going to watch sports live, b/c it makes everything that much better
  • the parentals who drove all the way to bmore to save me b/c i locked my keys in the car and was about to go to the O’s game. and they waited til the game ended to give them to me ๐Ÿ™‚
  • smoothies. delicious. healthy. goodness.
  • a much better week 2 of ssb.
  • projects finishing at work. a nice return to normal work. hurrah for being able to breathe.

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