thankful thursday

7 May
  • happy hours, my fav, when you can wind down from a workday AND hang out with friends
  • arch support, takes weight off the balls of my feet, makes shoes more comfy
  • mini-high school reunions. although sometimes awkward, i always appreciate catching up with friends
  • finally, our first win of the season! bringing “we go both ways” to a record of 1-2
  • beckyface for pulling through for our team. i think our team still has yet to see all she can do
  • people who pick up tabs
  • roberto for saving me from walking around bethesda for hours
  • naps. i don’t think i’d have made it through the weekend without them.
  • sid’s hat trick to redeem us from poor play in game 2
  • rita’s strawberry margarita ice. combining two of my fav things
  • good runs. even on days i don’t feel like running.
  • the cool spots around the track that make running in circles worthwhile. you just have to fight through the next lap and wall of warm, sweaty air to get the air conditioned area
  • football, or sports? either way, some awesome combo that’s made me pleasant to hang out with this past month
  • staying home to listen to game 3 on the radio. or else i’d get caught in the pouring rain in the dark. def never my strong point
  • a constant supply of exciting weekends/plans to look forward to
  • laughter. i would be so unhappy and boring without it

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