thankful thursday

14 May
  • a key to my office. i’ve only been working there 3.25years total, 7months of which i should have had a key. but now i can come and go as i please!
  • busy, yet fun weekends. as quiet and shy as i may seem, i thrive off of hanging out with people
  • “rained out” games that allow me to do any of the other 2309328 things i’d been wanting to do
  • jen’s bridal shower. i am so happy for her that she found a man to spend and share her life with
  • free drinks at bars from newly acquired friends, as sketchy as it may seem. to risk making myself look like a loser with no friends, but in order to dissolve the sketchy rumor, i perch myself at the bar, so i see the drinks get made. this is also how i manage to get free drinks b/c its where other people order drinks too.
  • sports bars. i think these are my fav. i also love people who join me at them b/c i don’t have enough bar-loving friends
  • my girls’ 3-0 record last weekend, propelled by a forfeit and lui’s 3-pointer that sent game 3 into overtime. also sending them to playoffs this weekend. i love that i was able to go b/c i slept through my alarm for game 1, my game was cancelled so i could go to game 2 (although it was the forfeit game so there was nothing to watch), and being able to see part of game 3 before i took off for the bridal shower
  • the awesomeness of sports that really pulls people together to become friends
  • a productive planning meeting for the REM mtg. plus the fact that my two churches are coming together to fellowship. i couldn’t ask for more.
  • streaming video online so i can watch the penguins play instead of just listening to the radio and imagining awesomeness. now i can see it and be elated and bouncing off walls. no joke.
  • my mama. as much as she gets on my nerves, she gave me life and she helps provide for me. she loves me and puts up with my crazy lifestyle that leaves the fam with only one car. she also does my taxes b/c i don’t understand legal jargon.
  • early morning runs. i really appreciate starting my day with exercise. it makes me feel like i’ve accomplished a lot in my morning or at least more than surviving driving to work
  • gyms that have locker rooms + showers. this brings me back to my hs days when g and i would go gymming nearly everyday and then shower afterwards. we would say hi to keye on the treadmill and search out his brothers. haha. also avert our eyes from the naked grannies in the locker room. oh yes, i’m thankful for towels.
  • productive meetings. meetings that go in circles or are about things that we’ve already discussed for weeks make me really really antsy. you’ve already lost my attention.
  • springtime. i have such great memories of being at UM in the spring. or last summer. or just going out running with becky to the gym. so thankful for memories
  • empty gyms at 7am. it makes for a less stressful workout b/c less creepies will hear my panting, see my super slow running or be walking in my jogging lane.

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