thankful thursday

21 May
  • foodies. people who appreciate food as much as even more than i do. 
  • the girls’ being 1st seed after correcting seeding for tourney
  • last weekend’s two straight games of fball without subs. b/c 1. i suck while playing for my own team, so i loved actually being one of the better players and making big plays. 2. i loved meeting new people, it’s a social league afterall. 3. hell, i am a sports/exercise junkie, it is a fun activity
  • the bao’s going away party. it gave me a chance to cook up a feast, which i don’t do as often as i’d like
  • wayne. although i didn’t speak up, i did enjoy his teaching at sunday school and bible study. he always improved the level of discussion and gave us more to think about. his style of teaching was different than i was used to from cbc and it was good to see things in new lights
  • carmen. she is always an inspiration to me. i love knowing that i have foodie friends–people that use tastespotting and foodgawker, follow TWD and love making food. as a fellow runner, she runs distance everyday–something i hope to be able to do one day. she also has a welcoming, friendly spirit that i always enjoyed when i visited REM. even the small chats we had at the entrance of the school. this lady loves in such big ways.
  • the pittsburgh penguins. my multi-talented team that although has two great leaders on the ice, is still made up of all-star hockey players. their wins propel me into good moods.
  • pwb, my other half. my diagonal corners liquor store bum buddy. one of my bffs. one day i tried explaining my relationship with him to b.chen and it proved that i will be at a huge loss when pwb leaves. he has been my close friend for longer than anyone else. he has been there through all of my ups and downs, and even in those times where i’m an emergency mess. 
  • our trio: ff, pwb, me. doing things like running to rita’s in the rain b/c ff can’t make a left turn; eating a box of 20 fudgecicles between the three of us; throwing a fball around in the snow; watching balto and robin hood men in tights; our hat (sombrero) party and so much more. we are crazy. i love us.
  • field trip days.
  • yuca fries and pollo a la brasa
  • waffles.
  • my photos from the photoshoot turned out well. or at least a ton better than i expected. 3 photos i really like is a good deal and def a confidence booster.
  • a long weekend ahead to rest

One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. carmen May 22, 2009 at 8:20 pm #

    **hugs** thanks patti! will miss you so much!

    i’ve been craving the chickpea & cauliflower curry! it’s going to be one of the first things i make once we get back to oklahoma 🙂

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