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nightmares suck

29 Jun

i was at school with a bunch of people at an assembly. so we’re sitting on the ground. and the security camera goes on alert near me and scans the area. i was scared b/c i did something wrong and it’d sense my fear. instead it scanned right by me and focused on this big guy who had just pulled his jacket open to reveal a multitude of guns.

as some friends and i were in the narrow lobby, a couple tried to edge out the door unseen saying we had to go now to escape. and at the same time police were on the scene outside but dragging away other people b/c of disorderly conduct. so some friends made it out and one tugged my necklace which grew and he was 20ft away still holding on. and at this point the gunman spies us and assumes that the people going out the door are being taken by the police.

i’m held in fear of moving b/c i think if i do, then the gunman will realize we’re all trying to escape and we’re not just under arrest. and in that case, he’d shoot everyone. so he sneers and asks me, “wanna be arrested? go ahead.” and paralyzed in fear i could only turn my head away and look beggingly from afar at my friends as the gunman shot me in my collarbone. you wouldn’t think that you can feel bullets in dreams,

but they hurt.
a lot.

and the blood oozes out everywhere. and i thought i was going to die.

thankful thursday

25 Jun
  • all games last weekend cancelled due to rain, but this meant that i could attend both a drama planning meeting and a practice.
  • a good, juicy burger. since last summer’s acquaintance with cstone burgers, i have grown to love burgers about as much as the obamas
  • the sheer power of helicopter-blown air. drying a golf course sounds hard. but hey, they did it for the u.s. open!
  • my drama kiddos. i do love them even if i can’t make it to all the meetings. they crack me up
  • morning runs after i hit the crabbs branch halfway point. first half is easy b/c its only the first mile, but its uphill. that last half is so close to home and flatter so it’s a nice finish.
  • cbc seniors. i am so proud of them for graduating and going to college. i’ve seen then grow so much in the past couple years. i can only hope that they make the most of their college experience.
  • my daddy. he’s really awesome. and even when i’m crazy (football, hockey, bingo…) he loves me and makes fun of me.
  • so far i haven’t heard that any of my friends were hurt in the metro accident. just hearing about it really shook me b/c of everything this year. the idea of sitting in a waiting room and staples and bashed in skulls. i can’t. sorry. its too touchy a subject for me.
  • EMS, firefighters. i am SO thankful to people who make a living out of saving lives. who are on call and respond at a moments notice. who handle disasters with ease. who pour out love even when they’ve grown numb to the craziness.
  • dates! i love going out with old loves. love love love it. good food, drink and conversation feed the soul.
  • alternate routes for commuting to work. so when accidents occur, i still have viable alternatives handy
  • bingo! i love bingo! today’s bingo party was thrilling to the max. jam packed with excitement, trash talking and competition. and starfish, goldfish and sweetarts as bingo markers. no, really, it’s the highlight of my week.

splurges wishlist

24 Jun


1. running shoes

2. brown sandals

3. ice cream maker

4. deep fryer

5. apt

6. car+insurance

7. bmore marathon

8. mcrrc membership

9. external HD

10. steelers tickets

11. terp fball tickets

12. white water rafting

13. bicycle

thankful thursday

19 Jun
  • football games. even if i suck, really, i get restless if i don’t play.
  • joy, my wife. i’m glad she’s loving pharm school and has enjoyed 22 years of life
  • morning runs. new and improved location: my neighborhood!
  • meetings with important people at work. i feel more important already
  • flappification. i love these meetings when they’re productive. this week was productive and didn’t seem like three hours.
  • sending projects to print. there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of get printed samples back.
  • good roomies. so good that i get mistaken as part of becky’s fam. but other roomies, you know, don’t always live up to the hype
  • seeing friends when i go out, some people i’d rather not see, but most of the time its nice seeing someone once in a while
  • entertaining people. dull lives are lame.
  • game 1 cancelled tomorrow so that i can go to the drama leaders mtg instead.
  • children’s songs. sesame street, raffi and the clifford movie soundtrack totally made my week. give them a listen, you can’t help but smile.
  • b coming home safely. i’m glad that he was able to spend 1+years over in taiwan while finding himself and growing up.
  • wing nights with raq. i love this girl. immensely. as long as we don’t speak about sports, we’re all set.
  • mcats are done. my friends can resume having a life. i can’t imagine what a stressor that is.
  • cricket being home. although we’re both busy, i love this girl and have learned a lot from her.
  • people who respect me and do not question my abilities (i.e. grilling. i am completely capable of this activity).

thankful thursday

14 Jun
  • enough endurance to run my first 5k
  • ~10min/mile pace
  • mcrrc. soon to be a member of it 🙂
  • consignment stores. making money, even if they don’t take the bulk of my college clothes.
  • pittsburgh. penguins. steelers. city of champs.
  • my extended fam. they are so exciting and awesome.
  • facebook. so that i can keep in touch with my extended fam more easily
  • dress up dates. dinner parties. nights out on the town.
  • converting my aunt into a hockey fan
  • bylsma burritos!
  • catching up on sleep even if it means crashing after work and waking up to my morning alarm.
  • all my friends who grad college and high school. hurrah for degrees!
  • lord stanley’s cup.
  • girls who play football. they are so so so key.
  • good refs. fun games. wins. great teammates.
  • the promise of a look reunion

#30 run a race

7 Jun

Capital Crescent Run, 5K

who: Becky, Emily and me
when: 7.45am this morn
where: along the Capital Crescent Trail
time: 31.36 (#275)

thankful thursday

6 Jun
  • morning runs
  • waffles
  • fudgicles
  • no rain during jen’s wedding
  • meeting new people
  • people who help keep conversation active
  • sangria
  • the scrapbook pages as some sort of parting gift
  • my goodbye gift 
  • rain to help cool the air and help our garden grow
  • cancelled game last week so that i had enough time to write my devo
  • i was told that my devo was good and created discussion. that’s a lot coming from those kiddos
  • old friends at relay, who still pour their heart out for what they believe in
  • still having some clout in order to help at relay
  • relay for life. as much as i gripe about it, this helped me grow up a lot. i learned about responsibility, leadership, event planning and everything i ever needed to know about cancer and caregivers. even meeting survivors touched my life in seeing how strong they are.
  • talks with b. usually he understands what i’m trying to say and helps me pull my thoughts together.
  • cricket came home safely and found a new home in ireland 🙂
  • NBC-televised games. this versus this is not my fav
  • getting approved for health insurance. also learning that they’re the ones who screwed up my app last year. and although they’re still screwing it up, they’ll admit to it
  • finding out that my pinky is merely sprained now, although i haven’t any idea if it was worse before
  • efficiency. productive meetings.
  • strategic planning. sniper strategy > shotgun strategy
  • the pens who lift my spirits and give me something to cheer about while i don’t have my own games to play
  • deja, who seriously brightened my day by emailing that “Our water polo match is scheduled for 11 at meadowbrook which is looking real bleek right now.” no really, i need more humor in my life.
  • a well-planned, fun, joint REM/CBC night. j.shao + s.geng were tons of fun to work with
  • my new drama kids 🙂 they make me proud.
  • c.cheung + l.lei, how much work they put into drama this year. 
  • apologies.
  • fun dining experiences with my fam. i love taking them to new restaurants.
  • our super gorgeous server. my night was that much better because of it
  • summer break. less traffic (minus grad traffic or terrible weather traffic), less kids, more relaxed atmosphere at campus, easier to cross rt 1, emptier bars.
  • dinners at bars. i love simple+delicious, which is exactly what i got in lamb stew
  • people with cars. not the biggest fan of giving people rides home. however it’s awesome if the people i give a ride to lives en route to my house.
  • emails. catching up with friends. my rb 🙂