thankful thursday

6 Jun
  • morning runs
  • waffles
  • fudgicles
  • no rain during jen’s wedding
  • meeting new people
  • people who help keep conversation active
  • sangria
  • the scrapbook pages as some sort of parting gift
  • my goodbye gift 
  • rain to help cool the air and help our garden grow
  • cancelled game last week so that i had enough time to write my devo
  • i was told that my devo was good and created discussion. that’s a lot coming from those kiddos
  • old friends at relay, who still pour their heart out for what they believe in
  • still having some clout in order to help at relay
  • relay for life. as much as i gripe about it, this helped me grow up a lot. i learned about responsibility, leadership, event planning and everything i ever needed to know about cancer and caregivers. even meeting survivors touched my life in seeing how strong they are.
  • talks with b. usually he understands what i’m trying to say and helps me pull my thoughts together.
  • cricket came home safely and found a new home in ireland 🙂
  • NBC-televised games. this versus this is not my fav
  • getting approved for health insurance. also learning that they’re the ones who screwed up my app last year. and although they’re still screwing it up, they’ll admit to it
  • finding out that my pinky is merely sprained now, although i haven’t any idea if it was worse before
  • efficiency. productive meetings.
  • strategic planning. sniper strategy > shotgun strategy
  • the pens who lift my spirits and give me something to cheer about while i don’t have my own games to play
  • deja, who seriously brightened my day by emailing that “Our water polo match is scheduled for 11 at meadowbrook which is looking real bleek right now.” no really, i need more humor in my life.
  • a well-planned, fun, joint REM/CBC night. j.shao + s.geng were tons of fun to work with
  • my new drama kids 🙂 they make me proud.
  • c.cheung + l.lei, how much work they put into drama this year. 
  • apologies.
  • fun dining experiences with my fam. i love taking them to new restaurants.
  • our super gorgeous server. my night was that much better because of it
  • summer break. less traffic (minus grad traffic or terrible weather traffic), less kids, more relaxed atmosphere at campus, easier to cross rt 1, emptier bars.
  • dinners at bars. i love simple+delicious, which is exactly what i got in lamb stew
  • people with cars. not the biggest fan of giving people rides home. however it’s awesome if the people i give a ride to lives en route to my house.
  • emails. catching up with friends. my rb 🙂

One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. khmerscholar June 9, 2009 at 7:50 am #

    Awh, I knew you would have a blast with jshao and sgeng

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