thankful thursday

14 Jun
  • enough endurance to run my first 5k
  • ~10min/mile pace
  • mcrrc. soon to be a member of it 🙂
  • consignment stores. making money, even if they don’t take the bulk of my college clothes.
  • pittsburgh. penguins. steelers. city of champs.
  • my extended fam. they are so exciting and awesome.
  • facebook. so that i can keep in touch with my extended fam more easily
  • dress up dates. dinner parties. nights out on the town.
  • converting my aunt into a hockey fan
  • bylsma burritos!
  • catching up on sleep even if it means crashing after work and waking up to my morning alarm.
  • all my friends who grad college and high school. hurrah for degrees!
  • lord stanley’s cup.
  • girls who play football. they are so so so key.
  • good refs. fun games. wins. great teammates.
  • the promise of a look reunion

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