thankful thursday

19 Jun
  • football games. even if i suck, really, i get restless if i don’t play.
  • joy, my wife. i’m glad she’s loving pharm school and has enjoyed 22 years of life
  • morning runs. new and improved location: my neighborhood!
  • meetings with important people at work. i feel more important already
  • flappification. i love these meetings when they’re productive. this week was productive and didn’t seem like three hours.
  • sending projects to print. there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of get printed samples back.
  • good roomies. so good that i get mistaken as part of becky’s fam. but other roomies, you know, don’t always live up to the hype
  • seeing friends when i go out, some people i’d rather not see, but most of the time its nice seeing someone once in a while
  • entertaining people. dull lives are lame.
  • game 1 cancelled tomorrow so that i can go to the drama leaders mtg instead.
  • children’s songs. sesame street, raffi and the clifford movie soundtrack totally made my week. give them a listen, you can’t help but smile.
  • b coming home safely. i’m glad that he was able to spend 1+years over in taiwan while finding himself and growing up.
  • wing nights with raq. i love this girl. immensely. as long as we don’t speak about sports, we’re all set.
  • mcats are done. my friends can resume having a life. i can’t imagine what a stressor that is.
  • cricket being home. although we’re both busy, i love this girl and have learned a lot from her.
  • people who respect me and do not question my abilities (i.e. grilling. i am completely capable of this activity).

One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. steph June 23, 2009 at 8:37 am #

    grill for meee!! and also i’m at internship and fb is blocked but we will def hang out soon, hows thurs maybe?

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