thankful thursday

25 Jun
  • all games last weekend cancelled due to rain, but this meant that i could attend both a drama planning meeting and a practice.
  • a good, juicy burger. since last summer’s acquaintance with cstone burgers, i have grown to love burgers about as much as the obamas
  • the sheer power of helicopter-blown air. drying a golf course sounds hard. but hey, they did it for the u.s. open!
  • my drama kiddos. i do love them even if i can’t make it to all the meetings. they crack me up
  • morning runs after i hit the crabbs branch halfway point. first half is easy b/c its only the first mile, but its uphill. that last half is so close to home and flatter so it’s a nice finish.
  • cbc seniors. i am so proud of them for graduating and going to college. i’ve seen then grow so much in the past couple years. i can only hope that they make the most of their college experience.
  • my daddy. he’s really awesome. and even when i’m crazy (football, hockey, bingo…) he loves me and makes fun of me.
  • so far i haven’t heard that any of my friends were hurt in the metro accident. just hearing about it really shook me b/c of everything this year. the idea of sitting in a waiting room and staples and bashed in skulls. i can’t. sorry. its too touchy a subject for me.
  • EMS, firefighters. i am SO thankful to people who make a living out of saving lives. who are on call and respond at a moments notice. who handle disasters with ease. who pour out love even when they’ve grown numb to the craziness.
  • dates! i love going out with old loves. love love love it. good food, drink and conversation feed the soul.
  • alternate routes for commuting to work. so when accidents occur, i still have viable alternatives handy
  • bingo! i love bingo! today’s bingo party was thrilling to the max. jam packed with excitement, trash talking and competition. and starfish, goldfish and sweetarts as bingo markers. no, really, it’s the highlight of my week.

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