nightmares suck

29 Jun

i was at school with a bunch of people at an assembly. so we’re sitting on the ground. and the security camera goes on alert near me and scans the area. i was scared b/c i did something wrong and it’d sense my fear. instead it scanned right by me and focused on this big guy who had just pulled his jacket open to reveal a multitude of guns.

as some friends and i were in the narrow lobby, a couple tried to edge out the door unseen saying we had to go now to escape. and at the same time police were on the scene outside but dragging away other people b/c of disorderly conduct. so some friends made it out and one tugged my necklace which grew and he was 20ft away still holding on. and at this point the gunman spies us and assumes that the people going out the door are being taken by the police.

i’m held in fear of moving b/c i think if i do, then the gunman will realize we’re all trying to escape and we’re not just under arrest. and in that case, he’d shoot everyone. so he sneers and asks me, “wanna be arrested? go ahead.” and paralyzed in fear i could only turn my head away and look beggingly from afar at my friends as the gunman shot me in my collarbone. you wouldn’t think that you can feel bullets in dreams,

but they hurt.
a lot.

and the blood oozes out everywhere. and i thought i was going to die.


One Response to “nightmares suck”

  1. carmencooks June 29, 2009 at 10:26 pm #

    poor thing. 😦 I hate nightmares like this – I wake up still scared and feel rattled by them.

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