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thankful thursday

23 Jul
  • people who follow through with plans/dates
  • the beach
  • my drama team
  • time when i can relax
  • my cousin, for being lots of fun
  • drama leaders who run the team so that i don’t have to, who support me along they way when times are tough
  • all the bits and pieces of drama coming together
  • seacrets, its crazy fun and i finally understand what the fuss over it is all about
  • my own tax-exempt card that will make life+the fair easier
  • our good defense against the spring champs. neither of us had our QB, but we put up a good fight. our offense will show up one day.
  • humidity. so when i play sports/exercise and i sweat buckets, i feel like i’m actually accomplishing something
  • team meals. i love getting to know my team. they’re pretty awesome
  • free soft serve at jason’s deli. FREE. SOFT SERVE. i love soft serve.
  • my new costco card. i finally have an id with a photo that resembles me.
  • i love that all the teams i’ve played on have such a different dynamic that i love them for.
  • new friends. i like meeting new people 🙂
  • silver ford focuses. i like parking next to the focus in lot k. also christopher has a focus. its like having a familiar face or making friends with cars.
  • finally being enrolled in health insurance. and it will cover all my eyeball accident fees. and now i can play football worry-free!
  • apple cider. i drink apple juice that tastes like cider most mornings. drinking juice puts me in a better mood. unexplainable.
  • the opportunity to help with a photoshoot at camden yards. it was really cool to be in the sound/video box and see cal ripkin on the field!
  • the man with the truck and needle nose pliers. you saved us a lot of frustration after we got the credit card stuck in the machine.
  • design rss feeds/links/goodies. sometimes i like being a design nerd.
  • rest days. i’ve had my share of driving 100+miles/day lately and it’s exhausting.

thankful thursday

16 Jul
  • metro. it’s so convenient after a night out. but then again so is having friends who live downtown.
  • my fellow fair leaders. they are so awesome at planning for their teams. i could never stay on top of everything
  • the things at church that i go to and am reminded why i like my kids so much. sg 12 girls. drama kiddos. y’all make me smile.
  • going out. i would die if i was put in solitary confinement. i need people.
  • pitchers. so much easier than buying by glasses. plus it involves camaraderie b/c i’d never be able to drink one whole pitcher in a timely manner
  • yummy shooters. for those times where i delve into the realm of liquor.
  • c.wu. she makes me laugh and shares in good times. plus having her at ssb playoffs seriously made my weekend.
  • unflushables. i love hanging out with these kids. maybe i just love all my fball teammates from all leagues. but i love that we hang out on the side and act like fools
  • the theme: unflushables. brown jerseys. everyone is #2. and it goes perfectly with the fact that ff calls me “poop.” i also love when people finally get it. and then they can’t get enough of it.
  • getting solid sacks for a loss of yards. the feeling is so empowering. having my team cheer for me is exciting too.
  • my optometrist. i’ve had her since i was 6y.o. she knows me too well. i think she also laughs about me behind my back b/c of all the crazy things i get into. but hey, i would too if i was her.
  • my fam. although i never got to hang out with my relatives when i was younger, now i have ash nearby. i love this girl. thank you to my mama’s side where all my cousins are WAY older than me, but who somehow managed to have kids around my age.
  • rb. for all the things i can ramble about to her. she never judges me and is always open minded. she also offers advice/suggestions in a way that i don’t feel offended by like i am with most people. seriously one of the nicest people EVER.
  • free lunches. i like when printers schmooze us. makes for a happy stomach
  • light traffic. i dislike the crazy traffic this week. must be summer camps or something. but from 8pm and after, driving is a breeze! i even enjoyed driving to herndon
  • barney. he greatly amused me for the past 1.5weeks. he grew so big, smelly and ugly. but hey, he’s blood. he also garners lots of attention among my coworkers
  • my boss. it’s a wonder how she manages to stand her job especially with everything that’s going on lately. but i’m glad she’s our filter to endure it all for us.
  • the whirlwind of emails i receive lately. even if its only drama+fp business stuff. i like emails. and letters. i like mail.
  • my morning cup of fruit juice. i like the fact that this means i have a drink while driving, don’t crave fruit juice during the day anymore and that i am being green by using a washable cup.

i miss my other half

11 Jul

a lot.

i have little whines building up bc of this beyond frustrating week. its not healthy. how did we do freshman year when we didnt talk at all? oh yeah, that was a train wreck of a year. the best part is having a person to listen, bc i usually don’t want to hear people’s advice. at least i can write letters.

my head really hurts as it does when i wear glasses for extended periods of time. at least i can see.

i’m frustrated with life and the things that don’t work out. at least i have fball and running.

its amazing how halved we are. 22.5 months left.

thankful thursday

9 Jul
  • tt. the fact that i do it. which is especially important this week, seeing as it’s been a bundle of nasty
  • my doctors. who squeeze me into their schedules so that i don’t go blind.
  • productive, efficient meetings. c.cheung who puts up with our mtgs better than me.
  • fball. where would i be without it? pretty lonely, fatter and dumb. b/c i meet so many people through rec leagues, i get good exercise especially going both ways and it’s helped me understand sports so much better.
  • air condition. usually i drive with windows down b/c i love fresh air. sometimes though, i don’t want to be sweaty and gross by the time i show up somewhere. aircon, it is.
  • contact lenses. they’re so convenient. so easy to wear. so comfy.
  • anti-bacterial everything. um. i wouldn’t be where i am right now if i used enough of this
  • the really encouraging people on summer league.
  • being able to see. despite my many eye ailments, i am not blind. my vision is not severely impaired due to my issues. i have a lot of support from my friends so that i’m able to deal with it.
  • little kiddos at work. i like playing with caroline. even if she has meltdowns. or makes glue drawings. she’s a cutie pie.
  • a light workload that enables me to go to the doctor at a moment’s notice.
  • car charger for my cell phone. um, like that time back in the snowstorm, without it, my phone would be dead due to overuse.
  • the many photogs that have recently contacted me for photoshoots. i feel so popular!
  • derick. he’s put up with my craziness for the past week.

thankful thursday

5 Jul

They danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”

  • ssb spring league. for my first time playing coed or touch fball, i loved it. my team was the nicest and hilarious. i especially loved all the social aspects of it, we do it well
  • c.wu who made it out for playoffs. i love this girl, she cracks me up.
  • six girls. it makes a difference to be able to sub in an entire new set of girls.
  • new loves of my life: bethesda and gtown. this spring i was exposed to these areas and had the times of my life. i love pretending to be a posh, rich kid. i don’t care how much crap people give yuppies, it’s a pretty fun life.
  • cj parkway. while i’ve been wanting to bike along the canal, i rarely go this way and it is so pretty and serene. and sans police.
  • good company. on the road. jack kerouac. people who are mad to live. i live for them. quirky people, crazy people, people who make the most of their life.
  • making it to semis amidst a lot of teams who usually play high life. losing to the team that has won year after year.
  • fairfax summer league. my first organized, coed, flag rec league. its so nice to have actual plays and a set defense again. with rules that make more sense.
  • pulling flags. sacking the QB. the ever so satisfying feeling you get from a key play.
  • heyser farms. i love that i live so close to an actual farm. there’s nothing like a fresh, homemade peach pie. no matter how many people prefer apples.
  • grilling, bbqs, being outside. thanks to drama for helping me learn to grill by default of being in charge of food. there’s nothing like grilling on a deck on a summer evening while sipping a cold beer
  • team dynamics. which comes from making key plays. but its so much better to feel worthwhile to my team and gain their respect and encouragement.
  • short work weeks. holidays. summer is so glorious, i’m in love with being outside
  • stego. my new friend 🙂
  • being creative. my yogurt photos, mr. squirrel, photo journal of stego, modeling. i love being inspired to create.
  • music is my hot, hot sex. i prob would die without it or at least due to stress or anxiety. i too often used it to help me sleep and relax this week
  • engineering fields. sitting outside in the sun during lunch and watching the world around me. i love having little stories all over the school.
  • the campus tour. realizing that we personalize our own experience for college and that’s what’s reflected in our stories. i love my schools and all of their quirks. i would never acknowledge that either maryland or umbc are superior to the other. i found homes at both and am so glad for that
  • getting out of work early. i love having free afternoons.
  • happy hours. exposing friends to things and places i enjoy and things that make me feel alive
  • sweaters. warmth. broken air conditioners.
  • spontaneous nights. flitting between people and convos while being social.
  • friends who are willing to be spontaneous with me. who are okay with last minute plans.
  • planned dates and schedules. i love having things to look forward to.
  • shopping. especially bargain and thrift store shopping. dresses. looking good.
  • raq. we are night and day. crazy. and most of the time we don’t annoy each other. and when we do, we know when to shut up.
  • last minute photoshoots. i love feeling needed. and dolling up. i am glad to add more to my portfolio and to have been to new places
  • meeting friendly, new people. nothing makes a party more fun than crazy kids.
  • rb. for 23 years of life and 9 years of friendship. ❤
  • pwb. it finally set in that he’s gone. when craziness hits, i could always count on him to be free and give me a huge hug and listen. and when i was just stupid, i knew he’d let me know and smack me across the face. or shove me into a bush.