thankful thursday

9 Jul
  • tt. the fact that i do it. which is especially important this week, seeing as it’s been a bundle of nasty
  • my doctors. who squeeze me into their schedules so that i don’t go blind.
  • productive, efficient meetings. c.cheung who puts up with our mtgs better than me.
  • fball. where would i be without it? pretty lonely, fatter and dumb. b/c i meet so many people through rec leagues, i get good exercise especially going both ways and it’s helped me understand sports so much better.
  • air condition. usually i drive with windows down b/c i love fresh air. sometimes though, i don’t want to be sweaty and gross by the time i show up somewhere. aircon, it is.
  • contact lenses. they’re so convenient. so easy to wear. so comfy.
  • anti-bacterial everything. um. i wouldn’t be where i am right now if i used enough of this
  • the really encouraging people on summer league.
  • being able to see. despite my many eye ailments, i am not blind. my vision is not severely impaired due to my issues. i have a lot of support from my friends so that i’m able to deal with it.
  • little kiddos at work. i like playing with caroline. even if she has meltdowns. or makes glue drawings. she’s a cutie pie.
  • a light workload that enables me to go to the doctor at a moment’s notice.
  • car charger for my cell phone. um, like that time back in the snowstorm, without it, my phone would be dead due to overuse.
  • the many photogs that have recently contacted me for photoshoots. i feel so popular!
  • derick. he’s put up with my craziness for the past week.

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