thankful thursday

16 Jul
  • metro. it’s so convenient after a night out. but then again so is having friends who live downtown.
  • my fellow fair leaders. they are so awesome at planning for their teams. i could never stay on top of everything
  • the things at church that i go to and am reminded why i like my kids so much. sg 12 girls. drama kiddos. y’all make me smile.
  • going out. i would die if i was put in solitary confinement. i need people.
  • pitchers. so much easier than buying by glasses. plus it involves camaraderie b/c i’d never be able to drink one whole pitcher in a timely manner
  • yummy shooters. for those times where i delve into the realm of liquor.
  • c.wu. she makes me laugh and shares in good times. plus having her at ssb playoffs seriously made my weekend.
  • unflushables. i love hanging out with these kids. maybe i just love all my fball teammates from all leagues. but i love that we hang out on the side and act like fools
  • the theme: unflushables. brown jerseys. everyone is #2. and it goes perfectly with the fact that ff calls me “poop.” i also love when people finally get it. and then they can’t get enough of it.
  • getting solid sacks for a loss of yards. the feeling is so empowering. having my team cheer for me is exciting too.
  • my optometrist. i’ve had her since i was 6y.o. she knows me too well. i think she also laughs about me behind my back b/c of all the crazy things i get into. but hey, i would too if i was her.
  • my fam. although i never got to hang out with my relatives when i was younger, now i have ash nearby. i love this girl. thank you to my mama’s side where all my cousins are WAY older than me, but who somehow managed to have kids around my age.
  • rb. for all the things i can ramble about to her. she never judges me and is always open minded. she also offers advice/suggestions in a way that i don’t feel offended by like i am with most people. seriously one of the nicest people EVER.
  • free lunches. i like when printers schmooze us. makes for a happy stomach
  • light traffic. i dislike the crazy traffic this week. must be summer camps or something. but from 8pm and after, driving is a breeze! i even enjoyed driving to herndon
  • barney. he greatly amused me for the past 1.5weeks. he grew so big, smelly and ugly. but hey, he’s blood. he also garners lots of attention among my coworkers
  • my boss. it’s a wonder how she manages to stand her job especially with everything that’s going on lately. but i’m glad she’s our filter to endure it all for us.
  • the whirlwind of emails i receive lately. even if its only drama+fp business stuff. i like emails. and letters. i like mail.
  • my morning cup of fruit juice. i like the fact that this means i have a drink while driving, don’t crave fruit juice during the day anymore and that i am being green by using a washable cup.

One Response to “thankful thursday”

  1. Angela July 17, 2009 at 6:19 am #

    the same can be seriously said for you 🙂

    are you using a sippy cup?!

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