thankful thursday

23 Jul
  • people who follow through with plans/dates
  • the beach
  • my drama team
  • time when i can relax
  • my cousin, for being lots of fun
  • drama leaders who run the team so that i don’t have to, who support me along they way when times are tough
  • all the bits and pieces of drama coming together
  • seacrets, its crazy fun and i finally understand what the fuss over it is all about
  • my own tax-exempt card that will make life+the fair easier
  • our good defense against the spring champs. neither of us had our QB, but we put up a good fight. our offense will show up one day.
  • humidity. so when i play sports/exercise and i sweat buckets, i feel like i’m actually accomplishing something
  • team meals. i love getting to know my team. they’re pretty awesome
  • free soft serve at jason’s deli. FREE. SOFT SERVE. i love soft serve.
  • my new costco card. i finally have an id with a photo that resembles me.
  • i love that all the teams i’ve played on have such a different dynamic that i love them for.
  • new friends. i like meeting new people 🙂
  • silver ford focuses. i like parking next to the focus in lot k. also christopher has a focus. its like having a familiar face or making friends with cars.
  • finally being enrolled in health insurance. and it will cover all my eyeball accident fees. and now i can play football worry-free!
  • apple cider. i drink apple juice that tastes like cider most mornings. drinking juice puts me in a better mood. unexplainable.
  • the opportunity to help with a photoshoot at camden yards. it was really cool to be in the sound/video box and see cal ripkin on the field!
  • the man with the truck and needle nose pliers. you saved us a lot of frustration after we got the credit card stuck in the machine.
  • design rss feeds/links/goodies. sometimes i like being a design nerd.
  • rest days. i’ve had my share of driving 100+miles/day lately and it’s exhausting.

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