thankful thursday

3 Aug
  • dancing like a fool with friends. when there’s no pressure to be all up on a guy or dance well.
  • having a social life. i thrive off of people and craziness
  • football. since i have long since strayed from my running schedule, i am glad to still have football as a reliable form of exercise.
  • ff, i miss living with and hanging out with this child. i am glad she has been alive 22 years and is having the summer of her life.
  • dates with old loves. never gets old. i love people.
  • gps + my general sense of direction. when gps gives directions that i don’t like and my phone won’t map a route, i am glad to know the area well enough that i can drive in a general direction and be okay. unfortunately calling ff in a pinch doesn’t really help when i’m in dc.
  • my widespread group of friends. i love that i have friends everywhere. bmore city, bmore county, dc, college park, nova. i never truly have a lack of friends to hang out with or talk to. plus the various places that i know people from adds a variety of stories to my life
  • laughing til i can’t breathe. at things like being stupid at drama practice. trying to perform a drama that i helped create and yet failing oh so miserably at even remembering the plot.
  • catch-up phone convos. talking in person is awesome, but when its not a viable option, talking on the phone is a lot more efficient than talking online. i especially love calling ff or mark and sharing stories.

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