thankful thursday

6 Aug
  • friends who fill in the pieces
  • my bethesda crew. i love having a reliable HH group in an area close to me
  • ritas ice. rita and i are bffs. i sacrificed myself and a couple quarters for the meter in the pouring rain in order to save my swedish fish ice.
  • umbrellas. i left the office and two people mentioned that it would rain soon and i disregarded it b/c according to the weather map, it would rain in 2hrs. unfortunately, i only had to walk 50ft before it started to rain. oops.
  • standards. i know i’m a pretty girl and all, but i’m glad that i have standards and am therefore not a slut. thats all very nice that the garbage man took time to holler and strike up a conversation, but sorry, i’m not interested in sticking around
  • adequate social skills. i was a loser with no friends when i was little. thanks to college, i learned how to converse. this comes in handy when hanging out with a crowd of new people.
  • hand/eye coordination. at least i had this when i was little. otherwise i’d be a starving child. but i also played a lot of tennis and baseball with my fam. playing football however has taught me that i have since lost such fine control of this skill so i’ve had to readjust. when i catch a ball in football, the feeling is so satisfying b/c i’ve yet again come so far from being the little nerd on the sidelines
  • depth perception. okay, so this one i’m not so great at. but i’m thankful for what amounts that i have. and that other people have awesome depth perception. and night vision. heck, i’m thankful that i can see with these problematic eyes of mine.
  • my pside kiddos. it’s always good to see these guys as i end up missing them after a while. pong with natty will always bring back good memories.
  • non-drunk people. because when you’re sober and want to drive home, it’s nice to have other people back you up so that the drunk kids let you drive home.
  • cabs. for drunk people. i appreciate people who make sure that drunk people aren’t out on the roads with me. and people who maneuver heavy lumps of metal around drunk drivers so that i don’t have to.
  • people who live in dc+arlington. man, i wish i lived close enough to justify taking a cab straight to a place instead of adding metro into the mix too.
  • toll-roads. strange as it may seem, i love throwing coins into the bucket for the dulles toll road. it makes me feel so important, grown-up or something. aka, i don’t feel like an over-taxed citizen like most other people.
  • sleep. sleeping in. really comfy beds. all which contribute to good health
  • people who appreciate the value of time. b/c yes, it’s pretty silly to hang out with someone while they have work to do and you’re just laying around. i’ve done this too often and hope to do it as little as possible ever again.
  • summer traffic. i love not sitting in my car for a year during my commute. especially in the morning, it’s important to not start my day with a “wtf, are you serious?” mentality.
  • sane coworkers. awesome coworkers. coworkers who have clients as nutty as mine. i love our commiseration.
  • only having one game this week instead of two. i’m really pushing my limit of filling up my schedule.
  • tech savvy parents. no really. i appreciate a parent who can 1. open a PDF in acrobat 8.0, 2. reply to the latest email thread, 3. download, resave and reattach documents. it makes my life a lot easier. next up: google docs.
  • fresh farmer’s market peaches. fresh peaches come from farms, not grocery stores. i especially appreciate people who recognize this difference. for all meat, dairy and produce actually. buying from the source is always better.
  • locavores.
  • my bmore boys. for the great lessons and advice they serve up. it doesn’t get more classy OR classic than: you’ll go far in life if you put out. i love these kids to death, they crack me up and we’ve had so many good times together.
  • people who take time to listen to me talk about my complicated life.
  • people like ff who have grown accustomed to particular patti-things. like how when i talk about people, i name them even if you don’t know who they are. another of those things that make life easier for me. b/c my friends are their own person, not just “a friend.”
  • lists. being organized. staying on top of things. maintaining order. feeling accomplished and productive.
  • people who are helping with the fair. there are so many people. not just from CBC either. i love that i have so many resources that i can delve into for help.
  • having multiple groups of friends. there’s never really a time when i don’t have someone willing to hang out. i love that each group is so different, not just by location, but also by personality and interests. and yet i mesh well into each of them.
  • our win which kicked another team out of the running for playoffs and making next week’s game another must-win situation.
  • the fact that i can do work email on my phone. not that i don’t want to get away from it, but i think i need to be able to respond to emails b/c at night i’ll be too tired.
  • crockpots. they’re pretty genius. friends who love cooking as much as i do and more.
  • herbs. they make food taste exciting.
  • hot meals. there’s only so many sandwiches and skipped meals that i can take.
  • cranial bolts, CT scans, modern technology. as terrible as they seem due to the situation surrounding their use, they’re actually very helpful.
  • the promise of so many non-CBC friends coming to visit me at the fair
  • the excitement of bingo and other simple games.
  • other churches that pull through for me. i love that i have three churches involved with the fair. i love that i have resources in so many places.
  • gchat friends. when i’m not busy at work, i love seeing little messages pop up in the middle of my day. this is similar to my love of receiving mail.
  • a day off of work to rest and catch up on fair prep.

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