thankful thursday

20 Aug
  • KVD, my fellow gchat buddy. who takes time to understand. and who took me to Julia’s for my first empanada!
  • breakfast. my stomach would hate me if i didn’t comply to a eating a good breakfast.
  • apple juice. esp for christopher and i, people underestimate the importance of fruit juice. i feel lost without drinking it for breakfast
  • all the people who offered help for the fair even though we were already well-taken care of
  • christopher + lydia. a pair of people who i believe are very compatable as drama leaders. always seeking God and to strengthen our team. always praying for and with kiddos, getting to know them and solving problems
  • my fam who always pitches in to help around fair time
  • willing chaperones. who always get shafted with last-minute e-mails or instructions. but help all the same.
  • postsecret for brightening my week with a postcard i really connected with
  • u.pubs. for everyone picking up my work while i’m away.
  • neighbors. making fellow fair friends. its nice to be able to talk to people my own age.

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