thankful thursday

27 Aug
  • air condition
  • alone time while driving to work
  • talk radio
  • taking care of my plants and watching them grow. it’s encouraging.
  • fall tv just happens to have most of my favs: mad men, top chef, project runway, football
  • the peace of listening to and watching rain fall.
  • possessing the resources that were necessary to help neighbors at the fair, especially in the rain.
  • MCAF09. it was bittersweet.
  • getting to know the drama kids. laughing and being silly with the boys. being awkward and incapable with the girls.
  • real talks with the team during the fair.
  • late night convos with christopher during primetime or after a day at the fair. its interesting to see where we’ve been and ponder where we’ll go
  • ending early on the last two days of the fair. they would have been intense. not that they weren’t anyway, but in the different sense. and in a way that i’m not sure i could have handled
  • crying my eyes out on sunday during service. a release of emotion that built up in the last days of the fair
  • the fair. possibly the single, most impacting thing of and on my life.
  • a trust and faith that grows with time.
  • my friends. who support me at the fair even if they don’t support the cause.
  • the hospital support group. it’s been a while, but i know we’ll be the same loving group that we left off as.
  • life savers.

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