thankful thursday

14 Sep
  • gps. especially at night so i know where i’m going when i’m too blind to see.
  • my cousins. i’m thankful that i can get away to their place when i need to. they hosted me at their beach house and it was nice to be somewhere that wasn’t home
  • demetrios. my hair stylist. for putting up with the finicky client that i am. plus staying way past normal hours to do so.
  • hs friends. no matter how things are going, you can still go back to them and share lives and have fun.
  • rooftop parties.
  • daddy. who taught me to get to places early. to know what i’m shopping for so that i can get in and out of a store in a reasonable amount of time. to eat when i’m hungry. to put on a sweater when i’m cold.
  • bethesda. i like having a place in the burbs to go to when dc is too far
  • kelsey. for our love being preppy and going out for drinks. a wingman when i need her.
  • taxis. for feet that hurt and for a mind that doesn’t quite know dc to the best of its ability yet.
  • photoshoots. talking to people. things that make me feel alive at work.
  • making ideas come alive. helping brands develop.

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