thankful thursday

18 Sep
  • winning. i’m so much more competitive than i once was.
  • my ssb team. for our blowout victory. and our love for celebrating.
  • people that live nearby and are willing to give me rides. its nice to be driven and not driving someone for a change.
  • attention. i need it.
  • good parking in dc.
  • ff. even though its usually me blabbering about random things, i enjoy our long phone convos. its weird how different it is to hang out with people than talking on the phone or online with them. either way, she knows me well enough to know when i’m pushing my luck.
  • long convos in gen. even talking to coaches is nice. or my gchat buddies. and when we actually reach a normal convo instead of small talk. i appreciate the people i’ve made an effort to get to know
  • the younger girls on my REM team. being somewhat in limbo of churches, its nice to still have younger girls to take care of and look out for.
  • people who push me to be the best person or fball player possible
  • turning around projects at work. i love not only when i am productive but when i feel like i’m getting things done too
  • free food+drinks. its nice when i can save some money and enjoy life better
  • friendships that are so strong that you can hold silent convos.
  • mature friends. friends who know how to act appropriately.
  • consignment stores. i’d be lost without cheap clothes and a place to sell old mistakes
  • trying out new (to me) restaurants. i love expanding my repertoire.
  • artsy, design type stores. i always come out wishing i could buy the whole store
  • texting messaging, especially verizon in-network texts.
  • having a chance to see obama talk at my school twice. the man knows how to work a crowd
  • awesome coworkers who get excited about things like obama coming to campus
  • making it into comcast. although there were plenty of empty seats, they closed the doors after the couple behind us in line.
  • foodie friends. having connections to events; people willing to do fancy fancy like chefs tables; crockpot buddies; people who can recommend restaurants, bars and the like.
  • e-mails with g. i like that i know people who still send real e-mails and check up on each other
  • butterfly relationships. even though he’s there and i’m here, i don’t mind. i don’t miss him tons, but i miss him like i’d miss any other friend that i don’t see all the time. it makes it easy.
  • my restricted access parking lot. it makes life easy when obama comes to campus, but i love feeling important. and not having to walk across the street which adds an extra 5-8min to my commute
  • no shortage of projects at work. i actually like being busy as opposed to having nothing to do. i feel more accomplished. i also like that i’m getting a new variety of projects that i haven’t usually worked on. i like this new arrangement and having a new AD.

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